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Have you tried Portuguese Knitting?

Posted by Jill Richmond on

The Portuguese knitting method has become very popular among knitters. Its's a great method of knitting to use for those who experience hand pain because there is less stress on the hands knitting this way.

What is it? In Portuguese knitting you wrap the yarn around your neck, through a knitting pin, or knitting necklace to create the tension needed to knit evenly. The hands are more relaxed because you are not trying to maintain tension with the hands.

Many knitters have found that they get even better tension using a knitting pin or necklace rather than placing the yarn around the neck.

There are several types knitting pins. They are all worn on your clothing. The traditional pin type pins through the clothing. It holds well but leaves holes behind. Another type is a clip on style. It usually attaches using a bulldog clamp or alligator clip. It works best attached to the edge of a shirt collar and stays in place fairly well. The third type is a magnetic pin. Usually attached by placing a magnet under the shirt and the pin on the outside of the shirt. As long as they are made with strong magnets they stay in place and don't damage clothing.  

Lastly is the Portuguese knitting necklace. These are worn around the neck and are usually adjustable in some way so that knitters can get the most comfortable position.

All of the tools are used by placing the yarn through some kind of hook preferably an open hook to make removing at the end of your knitting session easy.

There are classes you can take on Craftsy to learn this technique. You can even try YouTube videos. Even if your hands don't hurt, it's always nice to expand your knitting skills. Give it a try and see what you think! 


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