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Hand Knit Autumn Crescent Shape Lace Shawl

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This one of a kind shawl was hand knit. The lace pattern is elegant enough for a formal event such as a wedding or prom but simple enough for an evening dinner out. Keeps your shoulders warm when the air conditioning is too low or the evening air becomes cooler.

Measurements: 48 inches wide and 21 inches at the center section of the shawl.

Made with light weight fingering weight yarn. The yarn is made of super wash merino wool.

Care Instructions:

Item should be hand washed and laid flat to dry for best results but can be machine washed in cold water. Never dry in a dryer or hang to dry. To open lace up after washing spread shawl out on flat surface with your hands spread outward and pin down.

Color: Autumn orange that slides into burgundy then moves into a deep turquoise on the bottom.