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Sheep Knitting Pin for Portuguese Knitting -Magnetic- ID Holder

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This adorable fluffy sheep is pictured under a glass cabochon. The artwork is sealed for protection. This magnetic pin is designed to help hold your yarn while you knit using the Portuguese knitting method.

Pin length: 2.5 inches
Pin width: 1.5 inches

It's perfect for your knitting sessions. This stunning Portuguese knitting pin features a magnetic attachment design.
Place the strong magnet on the inside of your shirt and the beaded pin on the outside of the shirt and you are all set. It will help you get even tension on your yarn while knitting using the Portuguese style.

Yarn slides through a clasp hook or attach your work badge here.

Portuguese knitting is faster than other knitting styles and helps with arthritis and carpel tunnel. The purl stitch is also easier with this style of knitting.

**** Not recommended for persons with pacemakers.