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Tree Stitch Markers for Knitting or Crochet, Closed Rings, Open Rings, or Clasps

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Charmed stitch markers with gorgeous tree images and your favorite attachment style! You can choose closed snag free rings, rings that open and close, or 14mm lobster clasps. A great tool for knitting or crochet. Great when you need to mark a mistake or when a pattern calls for moving markers every row.

♥Each marker is quality tested shipping to you.
♥Offered in multiple set and ring sizes(see options)
♥Easy to use. Place them on knitting needles between stitches.
♥Use them to mark pattern stitch changes. Great for patterns that require moving marker position often.
♥Designed to be attached to stitches(knitting or crochet) or used on the knitting needle.

*6 piece sets will include 2 of each image shown. 12 piece sets will include shown images and additional images not shown.

•S- fits up to US7 great for light weight yarn knitting.
•M- fits up to US10 great for worsted weight knitting
•L- fits up to US11 great for worsted weight knitting
•XL- fits up to US15 great for bulky knitting
• Opening Rings that fit knitting needles up to US11
•14mm Lobster clasps