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Blueberry Abacus Counting Bracelet- Row Counter - Optional ADD 6 Stitch Markers

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This fabulous blue - purple counting bracelet is perfect for tracking your knitting progress. A unique row counter that you wear on your wrist. By wearing your row counter on your wrist you will be able to keep track of your progress easily.
  • Use it for counting anything your golf strokes, water intake, walking laps it has lots of possibilities.
  • How it works- each time you complete a row slide the rubber ring past the appropriate bead. The large beads count 10's and the smaller beads count 1's. In the listing picture the bracelet is set on 34.
  • Large beads are 10mm cats eye. Small beads are 8mm glass.

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♦♦♦SPECIAL ADD ON DEAL- add 6 matching snag free stitch markers to your order . (see drop down menu) *marker rings will fit up to US10 needles