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Violet Blue Abacus Counting Bracelet- Gift for Knitters

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Introducing Violet Blue Abacus Counting Bracelet- the perfect gift for knitters and crocheters! This counting bracelet has it all- from its beautiful beads to the knitters' sliding ring, it's a tracking tool that's sure to help you stay focused and on top of your stitch count. Choose from multiple sizes and get knitting and crocheting with ease.

 A stylish way to count the rows of your project as you complete them. Actually use it for counting anything your golf strokes, water intake it has lots of possibilities.

How it works- each time you complete a row slide the rubber ring past the appropriate bead. The one row of beads count 10's and the other row beads count 1's. In the listing picture the bracelet is set on 21.

•Beads are 10mm