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Toucan Beaded Zipper Pull Charm - Crochet Stitch Marker

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This little guy will be super cute hanging from any zipper or charm necklace.

These zipper pulls have many uses and they make great gifts. They are tons of fun!
Attach them to anything with or without a zipper- USE YOUR IMAGINATION

Attach them to:

-necklace chain
-key chain ring (ring included for an extra charge)
-lunch bag
-purse or wallet (pictured)
-zippers on jackets and other clothing
-duffle bags
-use it as a crochet marker or knitting progress keeper
-use as a gift accent (attach to bow of wrapped present)
-bouquet (check out my bridal zipper charms)

See what you can come up with!

If you have any questions please send me a convo.