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2 Piece Snowman Chain Counter, Right Side Wrong Side Row Counter, Odd and Even Counter

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This row counter has 2 separate chains. The odd numbered chain is used to track your right side rows and the even numbered chain is used to track wrong side rows. Each counter has a clasp for attaching to your knitting bag or your knitting yarn. Finished off with 2 adorable snowman charms making this row counter simply irresistible.

•Set includes: 1 odd and 1 even numbered chain.

1.Starting with #1 ring place the even number chain at the beginning of the right side row and knit across.

2. Flip your work and start your wrong side row placing your #2 ring and continue across.

3. Continue in this manor. When you reach 10 start over at 1 again.

•CHOOSE from 3 ring sizes (see options)

•COUNTERS MEASURES 7.5 inches. Each Counter WEIGHS approx. 1/2 oz.

SPECIAL OFFER: Add 6 matching snowman charm stitch markers to your order for a special price. Markers will be made with same ring size chosen for counters.