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Aqua Blue Wire Snag Free Stitch Markers | Gifts for Knitters | US3-US15

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Aqua blue wire stitch markers are custom-sized knitting jewelry designed to help knitters create mistake-free projects. Our beautiful blue wire stitch markers are snag-free, ensuring a hassle-free knitting experience. Our markers are ideal knitting gifts, available in sizes US3-US15.

 You will fall in love with this knitting tool as soon as you see how easy they are to use. Knitters love stitch markers almost as much as they love their yarn.

XS- fits up to US3 great for sock knitting
S- fits up to US7 great for light weight yarn knitting.
M- fits up to US10 great for worsted weight knitting or finer weights
L- fits up to US11 great for worsted weight knitting
XL- fits up to US15 great for bulky knitting