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Stitch Saver- Blue Point Protector Jewelry for Knitting Needles

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Save your stitches from falling off the needles when you walk away from your project by using this beaded stitch saver. The beaded point protector set is a gorgeous way to keep your precious stitches resting on the needles. No more dropped stitches. Don't get caught using boring tools.

Just pop these right on to your knitting needle tips whenever you need to walk away from your project. It saves your stitches when the cat or dog gets tangled in your yarn and drags it halfway across the living room, The gadget will keep your project bag safe from holes caused by pointy needles.

  • Available in 3 sizes (see options and picture).

****This item is handmade with care for you, it needs 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR PRODUCTION AND SHIPPING depending on size and volume of orders being placed. Large orders and custom work will need 3-6 days for production. Thank you for your patience while I create the item for you.