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Sheep Zipper Pull Jewelry Progress Keeper

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An adorable accessory for your bags and purses. Knitters can use this as a progress keeper stitch marker.
These zipper pulls have many uses and they make great gifts. They are tons of fun!
Attach them to anything with or without a zipper- USE YOUR IMAGINATION

Also a great knitting and crochet tool. Use it as a progress keeper for your projects in progress.

Attach them to:

-necklace chain
-key chain ring (ring included for an extra charge)
-lunch bag
-purse or wallet (pictured)
-zippers on jackets and other clothing
-duffle bags
-use it as a crochet marker
-use as a gift accent (attach to bow of wrapped present)
-bouquet (check out my bridal zipper charms)

See what you can come up with!