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Blue Swirled Glass Portuguese Knitting Pin- Clip on ID Badge Pin

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This beautifully unique swirled glass clip on pin will help you get even tension on your yarn while knitting Portuguese style. This clip on pin can be used for your knitting during your lunch hour and when it's time to clock back in it holds your ID badge! Your knitting friends will be asking where you found this dual purpose knitting friendly tool.

If you knit using Portuguese style knitting or you are learning it then this is a must have tool for you! Used in Portuguese knitting to help maintain constant tension of the yarn. I designed this pin so it could be clipped onto your shirt rather than poked through the material. No holes in your shirts from traditional pins.
Yarn slides through the open hook. Clamp is strong and stays on what you clip it to.

Portuguese knitting is faster than other knitting styles and helps with arthritis and carpel tunnel. The purl stitch is also easier with this style of knitting.

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