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Magnetic Cardinal Portuguese Knitting Pin

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This cardinal knitting pin is perfect for your Portuguese knitting projects . The beautiful piece makes getting your yarn tension easy. No more carrying yarn around your neck. Made with an open hook to hold any weight yarn and strong magnets that keep the pin in place while you knit.

•Magnets are strong enough to hold through thick material.
•Place the magnet back on the inside of your shirt & beaded pin on the outside of the shirt and you are all set.
•Helps you get even tension on your yarn while knitting using the Portuguese style.
•Pin also makes a great ID badge holder.
•No holes in your shirts from traditional pins.
•Yarn slides through a clasp hook or attach your work badge here.

♥♥SPECIAL DEAL- Add 6 matching snag free stitch markers(pictured) to your order (see purchasing options)
*stitch markers will fit knitting needles up to US10

Pin length: 2.25 inches
Pin width: 1.25 inches
Magnet pull force is 8lbs.

*********** Not recommended for persons with pacemakers.************

- ID badge holder
- eyeglass holder
- stitch marker holder