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Copper Chain Row Counter for Knitting, Counts 0 to 100, Gift for Knitters, Progress Keeper

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This chain counter can be used on or off of your knitting needles. It includes a clasp that can be attached to your knitting bag and an individual progress keeper to attach to the rings of the counter to track your progress. You can count up to 100 rows with additional numbers that can be clipped onto the rings to create double digits (see picture).

•Set includes: chain counter, extra numbers (on ring), and a progress keeper marker.

•An additional set of 6 matching stitch markers is also offered to purchase with the set (see last picture and drop down menu). This set will fit knitting needles up to US10.

•Counter can hang from your knitting needles or your knitting bag.

•As you knit just change to the next numbered ring to track each row as you complete it.

•Rings will fit up to a size 10 1/2US needle. They can be made for smaller or larger needles upon request.

•COUNTER MEASURES 16 1/2 inches. Use the clasp to clip extra markers out of your way and to condense the piece when not in use.