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Frog on a Log Stitch Marker Set, Snag Free, US3-US15

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This set features a frog clinging to a log shaped bead on the holder. The holder has a clasp on both ends. Attach one end to your knitting bag while the other clasp holds the snag free stitch markers.

This stitch marker set can be used to mark increases, decreases, pattern instruction changes, yarn color changes, to help count blocks of stitches more easily and much more! Never forget a yarn over again.

♦Set comes with 8 snag free stitch markers and one lanyard holder. Great for keeping track of your stitch markers on the go.

♦4 SIZE OPTIONS AVAILABLE! Size chart in pictures.

♦Made with solid smooth rings that have no seams to assure that your knitting experience is snag free. I test each marker carefully prior to shipping to
make sure they will not snag your yarn.

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