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Fuchsia Locking Row Counter Necklace, Stitch Counter

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A row counter that is always handy because you wear it as a necklace. This locking row counter will keep you knitting for hours without losing count. A great gift for all of your knitter friends. Each time you finish a row simply click the button on the counter and never lose track of where you are at. This stylish beaded row counter necklace will help you complete beautiful projects.

♦♦Necklace can be ordered in 28 inches or 34 inches. It includes a toggle clasp but will easily slide over your head allowing for easy on and off.
♦♦ADD ON DEAL- you can add a matching 6 piece set of stitch markers to this order. Markers will fit knitting needles up to US10. (see drop down menu)

The counter easily clicks from one number to the next and has a lock feature to insure no accidental clicks. Can be use for counting rows up to 99.

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