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Increase Row Stitch Markers, Progress Keeper

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Use the increase stitch marker to help you remember if you are working an increase or decrease row. We have all had our phone ring in the middle of knitting and laid our project down to talk thinking we would remember where we left off. Now you will know as soon as you pick the knitting up if you were increasing or decreasing as soon as you look at your marker.

♥EASY TO USE, just slide them on and off your needles as needed.
♥Use the side with the dangle when you are working an increase row and the opposite side when you aren't.
♥Each marker is snag free and quality tested for smoothness prior to shipping to you.

S- fits up to US7 great for light weight yarn knitting.
M- fits up to US10 great for worsted weight knitting or finer weights
L- fits up to US11 great for worsted weight knitting
XL- fits up to US15 great for bulky knitting

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