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Lace Shawl, Wedding Shawl, Hand Knit Extra Large Wrap, OOAK

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This lace shawl is hand knit. It is extra large measuring 84 inches wide and 48 inches from the top to the bottom. The elegant lace pattern would make a great wedding day accessory or an heirloom piece to wrap up a newborn child.

Measurements: 84 inches wide and 48 inches at the center section of the shawl.

Made with light weight fingering weight yarn. The yarn is made of super wash merino wool with silk. Item should be hand washed and laid flat to dry for best results but can be machine washed in cold water. Never dry in a dryer or hang to dry. To open lace up after washing spread shawl out on flat surface with your hands spread outward and pin down.

Color: A sandy beige that moves into turquoise blue and back to beige.