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Large Stitch Marker Holder- Knitting Marker Organizer

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Keep your knitting tools organized and get more knitting done. This stitch marker holder will keep you from losing your beautiful stitch markers. CHOOSE your COLOR!

Do you go fishing for stitch markers in the couch? Have to fight the cat for them because one fell on the floor and he thinks it's a toy? This Handmade stitch marker holder will keep your stitch markers from getting lost. Clip to your purse, knitting bag, key chain, a necklace, or belt loop and your all set. Need a stitch marker- you will know where they are always.

****THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE STITCH MARKER HOLDER ONLY no stitch markers are included.

THIS STITCH MARKER HAS A LARGE CLIP THAT CAN HOLD LOTS OF STITCH MARKERS. I had 30 markers on it and there was room for more.