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Pink Sheep Stitch Marker Charms, SNAG FREE

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Perfect pink snag free sheep stitch marker charms to help you accomplish more knitting and make less mistakes. You will fall in love with this knitting tool as soon as you see how easy they are to use.

•Jump rings that are soldered closed. No opening to catch on the yarn.
•Available in several ring sizes (see below)
•Set is offered as 4pc. 6pc. or 8pc (see options)
•Easy & fun to use. Just slide them on and off knitting needles as needed.
•I guarantee you will love the smoothness of the marker as it glides along your needles.

S- fits up to US7 great for light weight yarn knitting.
M- fits up to US10 great for worsted weight knitting or finer weights
L- fits up to US11 great for worsted weight knitting
XL- fits up to US15 great for bulky knitting
OR CHOOSE lobster clasps for a removable crochet marker

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