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Yarn Cutter Pendant on a Beaded Fob

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Don't stick your hand in your knitting bag and find your knitting tangled up with your scissors again. Or worse yet, stab yourself with the scissor points. A yarn cutter attached to a beaded lanyard, attach this to a zipper on your knitting bag or clip it to a key chain. It is a safer way to travel when you can pack scissors.

  • Allows you to cut your yarn, string, thread, or embroidery floss without cutting yourself.
  • Clasp allows you to attach the fob to your knitting bag via a zipper or handle.

****This item is handmade with care for you, it needs 1-5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR PRODUCTION AND SHIPPING depending on size and volume of orders being placed. Large orders and custom work MAY need additional time. Thank you for your patience while I create the item for you. Please contact us with any questions.