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Rainbow Stripe Numbered Stitch Marker Set | Knitters Gift | Removable Progress Keeper

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Removable clip on rainbow stripe numbered stitch markers- they are another great tool for your knitting or crochet projects. Try some today and feel like a pro tomorrow.

•Set comes with 10 markers numbered 0-9.
•EASY TO USE, clip right to your finished stitches- remove when no longer needed
•Clasp size is 14mm.
•Count your rows or track your repeats.

If you have ever walked away from your knitting and thought "I will remember where I am at" only to find out you don't remember because you didn't get back to it for hours- then you need these to make your life easier. Simply mark your row when you start it and you are good to go!

Some of the ways to use these are:
-track the number of rows you have since you last measured your piece
-track the row you are on on the number of times you have repeated a step in your pattern(great for lace repeats and cables
-track the number of decreases or increases in your pattern

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