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Silver Hearts Stitch Markers on Sterling Silver Filled Wire | Gifts for Knitters

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You will receive 4 adorable hand crafted snag free stitch marker charms made with hand formed rings on Sterling silver filled wire (50% sterling with copper core) for an elegant look.

♥Markers are snag free. Rings are hand formed with no seams.

♥Set is available in several sizes (see below)

♥Wire is tarnish resistant.

♥Fall in love with the easy to use markers.

♥Finish more knitting projects and make less mistakes.

Stitch markers are used to help you keep your place in a knitting pattern. Each snag free stitch marker is carefully knit tested prior to shipping to you.


XS- fits up to US3 great for sock knitting.
S- fits up to US7 great for light weight yarn knitting.
M- fits up to US10 great for worsted weight knitting or finer weights
L- fits up to US11 great for worsted weight knitting