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Snag Free Blue Glitter Stitch Marker Charms- Gift for Knitters

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Imagine perfect projects and make it a reality with this sparkling stitch marker set. Use the snag free markers to mark increases, decreases, pattern instruction changes, yarn color changes, to help count blocks of stitches more easily and much more! You will love the way they look on your needles.

This set is made with solid smooth rings that have no seams to assure that your knitting experience is snag free.

You will accomplish more knitting and make less mistakes when you use stitch markers.

The set includes 6 stitch markers in your chosen ring size or clasps.

YOU CHOOSE THE SIZE THAT WORKS FOR YOU! (see options) Sizes are based on US knitting needle sizes. Lobster clasp sizes are the actual size of the clasp itself. If purchasing as a gift, sizes medium or large are the most commonly used. Please contact me if you need a recommendation.

DON'T KNIT? No Problem, order yours with lobster clasps for crochet.

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