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Stitch Markers with Numbers for Knitting or Crochet, Counts 0-99

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Count your rows from 0-99 with all the colors of the rainbow. These markers hook onto each other to create your double digit rows. All pieces are kept together by the beautiful lanyard holder so you won't lose them. The system can be use for knit or crochet. Designed to help you keep track of the number of rows you have worked on your project. The piggyback system will allow you to count from 1-99.

HOW TO USE: Simply place desired number on the knitting needle or attach markers to your stitches and remove when no longer needed. To create double digits just clip 2 markers together (see picture).

1 set of 1-9 markers with rings (to knitting needles up to US10.5)

1 set of 0-9 markers with clasps

1 lanyard holder

1 ring to attach clasp markers to (see picture)

Some of the ways to use these are:
-track the number of rows you have knitted since you last measured your piece
-track the row you are on or the number of times you have repeated a step in your pattern(great for lace repeats and cables
-track the number of decreases or increases in your patterns

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