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Swirling Heart MAGNETIC Portuguese Knitting Pin- Gift for Knitters

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The swirling heart is pictured under a glass cabochon. The artwork is sealed for protection. This magnetic pin is designed to help hold your yarn while you knit using the Portuguese knitting method.

Strong magnets are used to keep the pin from sliding.Each set includes 8 matching stitch markers and 1 unique lead marker.

Pin length: 2 3/4 inches
Pin width: 1.50 inches
Magnet pull force is 8lbs.

To use as a knitting pin place the pin on your shirt and start knitting or attach your work badge. Place the yarn through the hook and you are ready to knit.

To use as an ID badge holder, just place your ID on the hook and start working. Can also be used as a stitch marker holder (no stitch markers included).

  • Two strong neodymium magnets used back to back to create 8 lbs. of pull force.
  • Yarn slides through a clasp hook or attach your work badge here.
  • Place the strong magnet on the inside of your shirt and the beaded pin on the outside of the shirt and you are all set.
  • Help you get even tension on your yarn while knitting.
  • No holes in your shirts from traditional pins.
  • Second magnet is attached to a decorative medallion. The style of this piece may vary.
  • Not recommended for persons with pacemakers. If you use a pacemaker there is a clip on option available. A strong bulldog clamp is used to hold the pin place.




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